Research College of Nursing Commencement

Originally established in 1905 as the German Hospital Training School for Nurses, Research College of Nursing was founded in 1979 and admitted its first class in 1980. This institution, which provides students with training and education in the field of nursing, offers programs that lead to bachelor’s and master’s degrees. The Research College of Nursing has held its pinning ceremony for over 100 years. The pin has undergone several modifications since it was designed and awarded in 1906 to the first graduates of the School of Nursing. It summarizes pictorially the history and inspiration of the College. The Latin phrase in the center translates “We Help Humankind,” signifying the spirit of professional nursing. The inscription of both Research College of Nursing and Rockhurst University denotes the partnership forming the B.S.N. program. The current design reflects the tradition of nursing education at Research and the Baccalaureate program.

RCN Pinning Ceremony  

The Pinning Ceremony celebrating the Spring 2020 graduates will be converted to a Virtual Online PinningCeremony; date and details will be distributed to the graduating nursing students by RCN when those details become available.

If you have further questions regarding the Research College of Nursing Pinning Ceremony, please contact Amanda Gray at or 816-995-2806.