Chemistry Typical Schedule

Chemistry student in lab

Freshman Year

Fall Semester

General Chemistry (4 hours credit)*
Calculus I (4)
Freshmen in Science (1)
Electives/Core classes (6-9)

Spring Semester
General Chemistry (4)*
Calculus II (4)
Electives/Core classes (6-10)

Sophomore Year

Fall Semester
Organic Chemistry I (3)
Organic Chemistry Laboratory I (1)
General Physics I & Lab (4)
Electives/Core (6-10)

Spring Semester
Organic Chemistry II (3)
Organic Chemistry Laboratory II (1)
General Physics II & Lab (4)
Analytical Chemistry (4)*
Electives/Core (3-6)

*Honors General Chemistry may be substituted with Analytical Chemistry taken in the spring.

"My chemistry education at Rockhurst University was vital in preparing me for graduate school. In addition to the knowledge I gained from classes, my professors provided me with the experiences, the connections, and the mentorship required to succeed in my Ph.D. program." 

- Austin Carroll, Class of 2014
3rd year Chemistry Ph.D. student at UC Davis, NSF Fellow

“I was offered a very personalized learning experience at Rockhurst. Meaning, I knew my professors and they knew me. I felt like they cared and were invested in my personal and professional development. Their investment ultimately, made the difference in my education and my career path, because I’m at Purdue teaching first year engineering students with the same warmth and enthusiasm I’d come to know at Rockhurst.”

- Yen Bui, Class of 2012
4th year Chemistry Ph.D. student at Purdue University