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July 25, 2018

Caroline Simpson
Accounting & Business Analytics, College of Business, Policy, and Analytics
VVV Consultants LLC. - Collaborative Analyst Intern


For the past eight weeks, I have worked as a collaborative analyst intern for VVV Consultants LLC, a “boutique” healthcare consulting firm that opened its doors January 1, 2009. Based out of Olathe, VVV Consultants focuses...Read More

July 25, 2018

Tamara Ana Santos
Marketing, College of Business, Policy, and Analytics
Belle Haven Yacht Club - Tennis Pro Shop Manager

This May 25th I started working at a Yacht Club called Belle Haven in Greenwich, CT. I found this job through connections since one of my really good friends worked at a club nearby last summer. She told me about how she had an amazing experience where she learned new skills and also was able to meet great people and have important...Read More

July 13, 2018

Connor Larson 
Applied Mathematics, College of Business, Policy, & Analytics
Cerner - Innovation Campus - Software Intern

My name is Connor Larson and I am a software intern at Cerner. This week I got to experience Devcon. Devcon is an in-house convention put on by Cerner. It is a two-day convention where all developers and engineers that work at Cerner come together for talks about various things. There were 82 different sessions and over 180...Read More