College of Arts and Sciences

College of Arts and Sciences

As the cornerstone of a Rockhurst education, the College of Arts and Sciences offers exceptional education in the liberal arts.


Grounded in the Jesuit and Catholic traditions of liberal arts education, the College of Arts and Sciences will engage you in building a foundation of values, integrated knowledge, critical analysis, and personal reflection that prepares you to become a compassionate, just and globally aware leader in our diverse, changing world.


* Offered as minor or certificate

The Core

No matter your major, you will spend time in College of Arts and Sciences courses in order to complete your core curriculum. Through this core, our goal at Rockhurst University is to prepare each student to lead meaningful, purpose-driven lives, and to view the world through the lens of social justice.

We do this through Seven Modes of Inquiry that allow you to pull from different areas of your heart and mind to become a well-rounded member of humanity:

  1. Artistic
  2. Historic
  3. Literary
  4. Scientific-causal
  5. Scientific-relational
  6. Philosophical
  7. Theological

Honors Program

Designed for academically gifted, ambitious students, Rockhurst University's honors program offers:

  • Honors-specific courses
  • Opportunities to expand non-honors courses into honors experiences so you can further explore topics that interest you
  • Small, discussion-based classes that boast an environment for active learning
  • Earlier course registration
  • Access to the Honors Room, located in Arrupe 315
  • Special opportunities to present any research projects
  • Connection to a network of honors students from other universities
  • Honors designation on your diploma and transcript


We know cost is an important factor when selecting a college. That’s why, at RU, we offer an abundance of scholarships to help increase the return on your college investment. Rockhurst also offers a number of scholarship specific to student planning to major within the College of Arts and Sciences. Explore these opportunities and other scholarships.

Study Abroad

Rockhurst offers a number of opportunities for students to expand their horizons and study abroad in countries like Mexico, Spain, France, Costa Rica, Italy and more. Through this experience, you not only gain an understanding of a new culture – you also discover yourself.


Looking to lead a research project or creative activity as an undergraduate? RU offers summer fellowships to support your efforts, allowing you to work one-on-one with a faculty mentor and share your findings with our community.

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