KCASE Program

Exchange Programs

The Kansas City Area Student Exchange Program (KCASE) is a standing exchange agreement between Rockhurst University and other regional institutions. Participating institutions are Avila University, Kansas City Art Institute, Kansas City Metropolitan Community Colleges, University of Missouri-Kansas City, and Park University. Rockhurst also has an independent agreement with William Jewell College. Full-time undergraduate students (enrolled in at least 12 hours) at one participating institution may take one additional course per semester at another participating institution without paying additional tuition. Students pay full-time tuition to their home institution and owe the other institution only such fees in addition to tuition as may be associated with the course itself (such as laboratory fees).

For Rockhurst University students, courses taken at another institution through the KCASE program must be applicable to their degree program. Taking courses through the KCASE program does not violate the final 30-hour residency rule. Rockhurst students must first obtain advisor approval in order to take courses at another KCASE institution. Grade requirements for courses taken through the KCASE program are the same as for transfer courses; the student must earn at least a "C-". Students should have an official transcript sent to the Rockhurst University Registrar's Office, where acceptable credit will be posted on the student's permanent record as transfer credit. Only full-time undergraduate students may take courses under an exchange program. If an exchange courses puts the student over the 18-hour full-time limit, there is no charge for the additional hours. To register for a course at another participating institution, students complete the Kansas City Area Exchange Program Approval form, and the Pre-Approval of Transfer Credit form, both of which are available from the Registrar's Office. This program is not available during the summer sessions.

Please refer to the university catalog for additional information on this program.