Rockhurst Olympics students cheering

Rockhurst University recognizes that diversity enriches all aspects of university life, and is committed to providing opportunities for engaging interactions among individuals of diverse backgrounds, understanding that these interactions allow people to identify commonalities, appreciate differences, and find greater unity. Rockhurst recognizes that diversity includes areas both visible and non-visible, including but not limited to race, gender identity, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, religion, physical abilities and qualities, age, viewpoints, perspectives and learning styles.

Rockhurst promotes an understanding of the benefits and complexities of diversity for its students, faculty, staff and the community. This effort is an important part of educating "men and women for others." Rockhurst's Jesuit mission emphasizes social justice and equality for all people, including the goal of freedom from exclusion or marginalization. All members of the Rockhurst community are called to embrace a set of values that promote the personal care for every community member and a sensitivity toward the dignity, sacredness and uniqueness of every person.