The primary function of this office is to provide the campus with telephone service, to install and maintain the on-campus phone system and to design and distribute the Rockhurst IDs. We also aid security with the programming and monitoring of classrooms, administrative buildings, and residence hall security systems for the benefit and well-being of students, faculty, staff and visitors.
We have a Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TDD) available for students, faculty, or staff use. Local telephone service is provided for the Rockhurst Community by our own Cortelco phone switch.

In conjunction with the Student Activities and Development Office we produce and distribute a faculty, staff and student directory. It is available in the Telecommunications Office for all faculty and staff. Copies are also available for students in the Student Activities and Development Office at no charge. The Faculty, staff, student, and alumni identification badges and cards are issued and maintained in The Telecommunications Department. ID Cards are issued to Students, Faculty, and Staff during registration and are kept for the duration of study at "The Rock". Our ID badging system interfaces with the C-Bord Food Service System to provide card swipe use for staff and students purchasing food service plans. ID cards allow members of the Rockhurst community access to buildings, to utilize the library and computer labs, as well as athletic events & facilities and fine art events.

Assistant Extruodinaire, The Man to Ask, The Voice of Rockhurst, & Flash the Shutter Bug (Guardian of the Camera). Who are these people? View the Telecommunications Staff page and find out.

Things aren't what they used to be before fax machines, answering machines, voicemail and computers. Our lives have become more complicated in many ways. With the additions of so many machines in our lives, we often find that things that we learned to do one day we have already forgotten the next. For that reason the question page will answer many of the simple questions on how to work the Cortelco telephone system. If you still have problems please check your directory and then contact the Telecommunications Department at ext. 4400.