How do I transfer a call to another extension?

  • Press flash (f2).
  • Type in the extension you are transferring the call to.
  • Listen to make sure the line rings (and or stay on line to inform the person of the call).
  • Press RLSE or hang up

How do I forward a voice-mail directly into someone else's voice-mail?

  • Press flash (f2).
  • Press ** (star star).
  • Type in the extension of the Voicemail box.
  • Listen to make sure the line rings.
  • Press RLSE or hang up

Where can I find international dialing/country codes?
These are available in the Rockhurst Intranet Telephone Directory.

The OUT CODE for the United States is 011.

How do I make an international call?

  • First dial 9 to get off campus or 8 for students in the dorms. (listen for the dial tone)
  • Then start dialing the number:
  • Dial the OUT CODE for the United States ( 011)
  • Then dial the IN CODE for the country you are calling
  • Follow with the city code and the local number

If you have trouble getting through: First double check the numbers and the order and try a second time; if you still have problems, call the switchboard at Ext. 4660 or 0 for assistance.

What is the sound for when I finish entering the number for a long distance phone call?
The beep you hear is to let you know that you need to enter your four (4) digit long distance access number. This number allows us to bill the correct department or person for your long distance call.

When are the new directories to be published?
The new directories are published in the Fall of each school year; the staff directories are usually available for distribution by the beginning of October and the new student directories are available by mid-November.