Rockhurst ID

Rock ID is an ID system to provide students, faculty, and staff with a multi-use ID card. This new ID system will allow you to have secured access to campus facilities, receive student or educator discounts throughout the Kansas City area and to gain access to the Greater Kansas City library system. The Rock ID can be used to access debit points for all food service facilities on campus. Here are answers to the most common questions.

How much does the Rock ID cost?
The card is issued free of charge. If lost, there is a replacement fee of $25.

Do cardholders have to use all of the service features?
Other than ID and library access, all other features are completely optional. If the food services features are used, accounts are set up directly between the cardholder and the service provider and only upon the cardholder's request.

Are there any fees for these services?
There are no fees to activate the ID for food service.

Is Sodexo provided with personal information?
Sodexo receives only the information that a cardholder applying for an account provides. The university provides no information to Sodexo. Sodexo is provided the same information any other non university company would receive - name and identification number - to be able to perform that task.