Student Resources

Resources for Students and Officers

RSO Policies and Procedures

Emerging Leader Workshop Application

Organization Membership Roster Template (XLS)

2014 2015 Student Life Calendar (PDF) Presentation
My.Rockhurst.EDU/Media Presentation
RU Posting and Distribution guidelines (PDF)
RU Student Organization Room Access (PDF)
RU Access Change (PDF)
Student Activities Hall Contract 

FERPA release form
Registering Your Organization

Organizational Resource Sheets

Recruiting New Members
Publicity and Promotion (PDF)
Planning an Event Process Resource (PDF)
Programming Basics (PDF)
Money Matters Article (PDF)
Money Matters...Budget (PDF)
Fundraising Successfully Article (PDF)
Fundraising Ideas (PDF)
Budgeting for your Organization (PDF)
Hints for Officer Transition (PDF)
Running an Effective Meeting (PDF)
Effective Decision Making (PDF)  
Conflict Resolution (PDF)
Stress Awareness for Student Leaders (PDF)

A Year At a Glance

Mandatory Items Requested by Student Life:
1. Complete the Annual Activity Report
2. Register for the Student Activities Fair which takes place in the Fall;
*Registration PRIOR to the beginning of the school year is mandatory.

Things to Ponder:
Get the following information/documents from the outgoing officers:
A copy of the Annual Activity Report
A summary of the year: What worked well and what did not, Any suggestions you have for improvement
Budget report from the year
Constitution for your Organization
Contact names and phone numbers used over the past year
Historical information about your organization Listing of the past year’s events
Roster of past and current members
Their dreams for the organization that they were unable to fulfill
Hints for Officer Transition Resource Sheet

Think about your booth for the Activities Fair
Brainstorm for the school year
Fundraising Events
Leadership Development
Service Projects
Membership Recruitment
Recognition for those who help you

Mandatory Items Requested by Student Life:
Attend Back to School Meeting in August and January (all Presidents must be present, but open to all members)
Attend a Student Organization Orientation Session if recently new mid semester.
Check your Student Organization Mailbox located in Massman 1

Things to Ponder & Prepare:
Obtain Information about funding requests from Student Senate

Plan to attend the Back to School Meeting with Student Life in August
Complete a Registration Form with all new members and updated organization contact information.
Look on Student Life Registration page to update and deadline dates.
Meet with your executives
Meet with your advisor to discuss the upcoming year
Prepare a group roster
Schedule and reserve space for your first meeting
Plan recruitment efforts
Begin planning and scheduling your entire year