Responsibilities & Privileges

Registered Student Organizations (RSO) are recognized as partners in support of the Rockhurst mission and their purposes and activities are to be consistent with the mission of the university.


Each organization that maintains current records with Student Life will retain their “active” status, as well as all newly formed organizations that have received approval through the proper channels. This status accords organization the right to the following:

  • Reflect the University commitment to education and the Jesuit mission in purpose and actions
  • Abide by all written and published policies of the University as stated in the Student Handbook and other University policies
  • Hold all Allocated funds in a University account
  • Have at least one advisor who is a member of the faculty or staff of the University
  • Allow membership to all Rockhurst students without regard to race, sex, religious beliefs or ethnic or national origin
  • Follow the organization’s Constitution 
  • Notify Student Life of any changes in organizational leadership positions immediately after they occur. 
  • Attend House of Reps Meeting that occurs once every month. At least one member from each organization must be present.
  • Avoid any activity, speech, or expression that may be deemed as: Creating a clear danger of inciting violence or unlawful behavior. Advocating the physical harm, coercion, intimidation or invasion of the personal rights of any individual Violating University policies on harassment. Advocating the willful damage, destruction or seizure of University property. Interfering with classes or University activities. Please refer to the Rockhurst University Handbook for the official University policy.
  • Accept the responsibility for a member's behavior when: She/he is acting as a member of the organization, with or without sanction An event is held, official or unofficial, in the name of the organization
  • Provide programs or services which constructively fulfill the purpose of the organization and Rockhurst University such as:
  • Leadership development for the organization's officers
  • The sharing of ideas, values and activities for officers and members
  • Professional and educational programs which may enhance the curricular interests of members
  • Participate in training opportunities endorsed by the Student Life Office.
  • Maintain registration throughout the year by keeping officer information current in the Student Life Office, and by filling out an Annual Registration Form and an End of the Year Report in April. Failure to maintain registration will result in that organization receiving a "pending" status and lose all privileges (see above) as a Student Organization. After one year of "pending" status, the organization is considered "unregistered."
  • Check the Student Organization Mailbox in Massman 1 on a weekly basis.

Privileges of Registered Student Organizations

1. This handbook is not a complete statement of all University procedures, rules and regulations pertaining to student organizations. Additional policies are outlined in the Student Handbook.

2. The University reserves the right to change without notice any procedure, policy and/or program which appears in this handbook or online.

3. University divisions and departments may have their own procedures and policies which apply to student organizations. It is the organization’s responsibility to make sure they are operating within those guidelines.

4. Recognized Student Organizations have the right to:

  • Use the University name
  • Apply for funds generated by the Student Activity Fee
  • Collect membership dues
  • Sponsor fundraisers on-campus
  • Reserve University facilities or services for meetings and events
  • An on-campus mailbox located in Massman 1
  • Post an internet homepage, subject to review by Student Life
  • Obtain approval for positing flyers or other publicity in designated spaces on campus
  • Publicize events on University calendar

Any registered student organization of Rockhurst shall retain its status on campus according to the following guidelines:


Every student organization recognized by the University is expected to be free to select its membership upon the basis of individual merit. Any student organization which selects its membership upon the bases of restrictive clauses dealing with race, color, sex, age, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, disability, or veteran status will be considered operating in conflict with University policy.


Every student organization is required to have at least one (1) Advisor who is a full time member of the faculty or administrative staff, whose purpose is to advise and aid the organization, provide an educational experience for its individual members, and at the same time serve the entire University community.