Advisor Resources

An advisor will serve in many roles throughout his/her tenure with a student organization. The Advisor may be a mentor, supervisor, teacher, leader, follower, educator, or friend. In an effort to provide Advisors with resources to make their complex roles manageable, we have compiled information regarding their role.

Requirements to be an Advisor:
  • Full-Time employee of the University
  • Minimum rank of instructor; or be classified as an administrative professional
  • Complete and return a signed Advisor Agreement Form to Student Life for each student organization you advise
Role as an Advisor:

Registered student organizations are to be initiated, developed, and maintained by students. However, it is important for each advisor to provide support and guidance while encouraging the students themselves to supply the primary source of organizational leadership and initiative for planning of programs and events.

The Advisor should have an open and developmental relationship with his/her organization. They should work to foster the sharing of ideas while also providing feedback, and acknowledging the organization’s strengths and weaknesses.

  • Oversee the student organization’s actions, events, meetings, etc.
  • Make sure that the organization follows University’s guidelines and supports the Jesuit mission at all times
  • Challenge and support the leadership of the organization
  • Aid student members and officers in developing effective leadership skills
  • Assist in program development
  • Attend meetings of the organization
  • Provide mature counsel for the organizations
  • Serve as a communication link between the organization and student development
  • Be aware of financial transactions and advice the allocation process
  • Serve as a chaperone of organizational events sponsored by the group
  • Be aware of all programs and activities planned and provide assistance as needed