Orientation Team

2016 Orientation Coordinators

Orientation Coordinators are charged with the planning and implementation of the orientation program under direction of the Director of Student Life. Each Coordinator has several responsibilities regarding the entire orientation process from training of the leaders to the final closing candlelight ceremony. The following Orientation Coordinators were selected by the Student Life staff through an application and interview process during the fall semester. They utilized the Fall semester to begin the initial phases of the planning process and have worked all spring semester to prepare for the best! Welcome to RU! We look forward to meeting you at orientation and please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Back row, Luis Martinez, Class of '18 Accounting and Political Science Major, Nelie Cross, Class of '18 Nursing Major, Leah Dionisi, Class of '18, Biology and Psychology Major, Naomi Hageman, Class of '17, Communications Science & Disorders and Psychology Major, Emma Schelble, Class of '17, Nursing Major, Kevin Pugh, Class of '17, Biology and Pre Med Major

Front Row: Michael Lydon- Lorson, Class of 17, Political Science and Spanish Major, Chris Booker, Class of '18,

Kevin Pugh, Class of '17, Biology & Pre Med Major

I really love the close knit community and the size of the school.  It's incredibly easy to get to know many people of all ages around campus which really helps you become comfortable very quickly at the school.  I also see a great community here, not only in the student body but also in the faculty, staff and Jesuit residents.  The upperclassmen provide an excellent example to follow on campus and the faculty and staff are always extremely helpful when needed.  The Jesuits are always around campus wanting to talk to students and get to know them.  There isn't much that I brought that I never used, but one thing that surprised me is how little I actually used my Xbox and television.  I just didn't find much need or time for them throughout the year. 

Emma Schelble,  Class of '17, Nursing Major
My best piece of advice would be to just put yourself out there because you never know until you try. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone so don't be afraid to try new things and meet new people! These four years will be quite the journey so don't let them slip by and embrace all of the opportunities that will cross your path. 

2016 Logistic Coordinators

Ryan Moore, Antoinette Cangelosi, Bridget Gray (Not pictured, Jodie Foster)

Logistic Coordinators are the glue that binds all pieces of orientation together.  They are the behind the scenes leaders during the week before orientation and during the orientation process to assist the leaders, coordinators and Director of Student Life with tasks that are imperative to ensure the events flow easily.  They are selected through an application process and their time commitment is the week before and week of Orientation.






2016 Orientation Leaders

Orientation Leaders are selected each Spring to help implement the orientation program. All current RU students are eligible to apply. Leaders participate in training programs to prepare them for small group leadership, educate them on RU facts and incoming student questions, as well as provide them with an understanding of effective group facilitation. Orientation is a four-day, three night on-campus program that introduces the new students to academic life, spirit and traditions and allows the opportunity to meet other incoming students, faculty, staff, and student leaders. 

Team 1: Jack and Katie

Team 2: Tim and Kristen 


Team 3: Noah and Kaitlin

Team 4: Tony and Ida 

Team 5: Mario and Brittany

Team 6: Simone and Collin

Team 7: Noah and Emily

Team 8: Matt and Julia 

Team 9: Jack and Meaghan

Team 10: Connor and Claire

Team 11: Zach and Maria

Team 12: Pat and Sarah 


 Team 13: Hunter and Kellie 


Team 14: Gretchen and Nitin

Team 15: Wesley and Lauren 


Team 16: Drew and Miranda