Resident Assistant

Resident Assistant

Resident Assistants (RAs) live on each Residence hall floor and work with other Residence hall and University staff to foster a community environment within the Residence halls that promotes the educational experience of residential living. The RA articulates the philosophy and policies of the Office of Residence Life and the University to his/her residents, and in turn, represents the needs of the students to the administration. The Resident Assistant position combines many roles: information resource, activities organizer, liaison to the Office of Residence Life, counselor, adviser, and friend. Applicants for this position should complete an Online Application and schedule an interview through the Student Development Office. To apply for a Resident Assistant position, please Click Here.

Desk Assistant

Desk Assistants manage and operate an 18-hour desk in each of our traditional Residence halls. Desk staff are responsible for serving the residents and guest who enter into their community. They provide the following services: Lock out keys, check out of desk resources, contact numbers, campus information and other services that make living in the halls convenient. Desk staff are also responsible for helping to ensure the safety of the community. All residents and guests of the community must show their ID and check in at the front desk. The desk assistant position is a year long position. Desk Assistants will move into the Residence Halls early for training. Staff receive $6.75 an hour (must be work study) and up to a $300 housing credit depending on length of service.
To apply please use the Desk Assistant application . Applications are also available in the Residence Life Office.

Office Assistant

If you qualify for Federal Work Study and are interested in working as an Office Assistant in the Office of Residence Life, visit the work-study section of Career Services and contact Brenda Laney, Assignment and Technology Coordinator.

Conference Assistant

The Conference Assistant remains on campus to work as Residence Life summer staff. The purpose of summer staff is to assist in facilitating the successful execution of a variety of planned summer conferences. Additionally, summer staff will aid in a variety of minor summer facilities projects. They help to provide Residence Life a smooth transition between the end of one academic year and the beginning of the next. This includes preparing the Residential facilities for both conferences and full-time residents in the fall. For application information please contact the Residence Life Office.

Student Hearing Board

Have you been looking for a way to get involved at Rockhurst? The Student Hearing Board is a great way to gain leadership experience during your time here at the Rock. The Student Hearing Board meets together to hear cases of alleged misconduct by Rockhurst students. The Board will be composed of three student members. As a Board they are charged to serve as an unbiased group who are committed to upholding the Student Code of Conduct. The Student Hearing Board members hear testimony, make decisions about responsibility, and if appropriate, impose sanctions for those found responsible for violating the Code of Conduct. For application information please contact the Residence Life Office.