For about 80 years Rockhurst has enjoyed a rich tradition of Greek Life on campus. From its beginning in 1934, the fraternity/sorority community has continued to grow in size while still providing each member with a high-quality experience. We are currently 600+ members strong, representing 40% of the student body. Among many other opportunities to get involved at Rockhurst, I would like to invite you to consider a fraternity or sorority during your time with us. RU offers seven excellent organizations, including three fraternities and four sororities, which can help each student feel right at home. The Greek experience offers a variety of benefits, including a lifelong network of individuals with similar values, strong relationships built through brotherhood and sisterhood, academic support and resources, opportunities to give back through community service and philanthropic initiatives, unmatched leadership opportunities, and so many more.  I hope the information we’ve provided is a helpful introduction to what you can expect from your fraternity or sorority experience at Rockhurst. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our office. We invite you to be a part of this exciting tradition!

Go Hawks, and GO GREEK!

Riley O'Dell
Assistant Director of Student Life

Fast Facts and Stats (Updated for Spring 2014)
  • The all-Greek GPA is an impressive 3.47; the all-student GPA at Rockhurst is 3.34.
  • The all-sorority GPA is 3.52; the all-female GPA at Rockhurst is 3.40. 
  • The all-fraternity GPA is 3.38; the all-male GPA at Rockhurst is 3.25.
  • Greek membership at Rockhurst is about 616 members strong, including 413 sorority women and 203 fraternity men.
  • The Rockhurst Greek community consists of about 40% of the undergraduate population.
  • Rockhurst Greeks complete, on average, 3,500 hours of community service per year.
  • The current S.A.B. President, Senate President, many of the Orientation Coordinators & Leaders, Social Mentors and Ambassadors at Rockhurst are members of the Rockhurst Fraternity/Sorority community.