When traveling with the University, please complete the following two forms and turn into Massman 1 before your departure.

Student Travel Form (PDF)

This policy is for all travel funded by the student activity fee. If more than one student will be attending a conference outside the greater Kansas City area, defined as 30 miles, an advisor must attend also be in attendance. An advisor is defined as the organization Moderator or other full-time faculty or staff member at Rockhurst. While it is recommended that all student groups follow this policy there are some exceptions including: groups that do not receive funding from the student activity fee and conferences funded through an academic or other department.

Process for student organization travel
All organization travel that is funded through the student activity fee must be pre-approved by the Office of Student Life. The president or other executive board member must submit the attached document which provides information about the conference and the students who will be attending. Once this document is received it will be forwarded onto the Allocations committee for approval. Further, all students attending must sign a hold harmless agreement, an emergency contact card, and a Code of Conduct statement stating they understand that any behavior they engage in at the conference that is against Rockhurst’s Code of Conduct is subject to disciplinary action upon return to campus.

Upon approval of the Office of Student Life, the group can set up a meeting with the Allocations committee to present their request during a regularly scheduled meeting.

Use of Campus Vehicles

The office of Student Development has a 12-passenger van that students can reserve for use in the Greater Kansas City area; defined as no more than 30 miles outside of Kansas City. Students must be 21 years or older and have a valid driver’s license and insurance. Copies of the license and insurance must be made in Massman 1. For insurance purposes we are required to do a background check on all persons driving university vehicles.

Organizations wishing to use the van outside the Greater Kansas City area can submit a written request to the Director of Student Life in Massman 1 at least two weeks in advance of the planned trip. The organization’s Advisor, or their designee (must be a Rockhurst University staff member) must be accompanying the group in order for the request to be approved. The request should include the following information: name and email of the individual(s) making the request, name of the organization, name of the Advisor , or their designee, destination, approximate mileage, dates of the trip, reason why the van is required for the trip.

Funding for Conferences
Requests for conference funding will be made to the Allocations Committee. Date for when they can submit funding for conferencs?? Funds can be requested for the following related conference expenses; registration, hotel or other accommodations, and airfare or gas if applicable. All conference travel must follow the guidelines outlined in the travel policy.