Who Are We?
P.E.E.R.S. is a group of students dedicated to Positively Educating Each Rockhurst Student. Responsibilities include the development and presentation of educational and social programs for the Rockhurst community. Members have the opportunity to complete expanded training in leadership and communication skills.

Who can be a Member of PEERS?
Any student at Rockhurst can be a PEERS member.

What do We do?

Semester programs include:
adjusting to university life
drug/alcohol prevention
healthy relationships
car safety
body image
stress management
Party 101 (orientation program)

Want to learn more?
Contact Megan Brower, Assistant Director of Student Life at

Join us every Wednesday at 5:00 PM in Massman 248!
We would love your support and ideas for future programming!

Upcoming Events:
Spring Break! - March
RU Denim Day - April More details and information coming soon!

Happy 21st Birthday Safe Celebration Program
In an effort to celebrate student's 21st birthdays safely, PEERS organization sends Happy 21st Birthday cards (PDF) with information about safe driving and drinking if they choose to drink. In line with our University value, "Cura-Personalis" – 'Care of the Whole Person', we are committed to caring for others. Whether you choose to drink or not, PEERS organization will empower you to make well informed decisions about alcohol and help you better respond to the alcohol-related decisions of your peers.