Leadership in the Jesuit Tradition may be defined as the following: Leadership is an overflow of spirit that inspires and influences others to join together to achieve worthy purposes.

We aspire that all members of our Rockhurst community be encouraged and supported to fully grow and mature as individuals and leaders. Our desire is to call each of our students to achieve the following objectives:

  • Understand your uniqueness. Develop your capabilities, your values, and your worldview.
  • Develop life-long skill in self-examination focused on aligning actions with core values and personal goals.
  • Motivate yourself and others to recognize and pursue worthy aims.
  • Confidently innovate and adapt to lead with integrity in a changing world.
  • Through service to others, learn to engage others with a positive, loving attitude.

At Rockhurst University, leader development is the unifying force of Rockhurst's educational mission. Our mandate is to “achieve national recognition for leader formation through integrative learning experiences that prepare the student for life-long transformational service."

Leadership Positions

Ambassadors | Athletics| Career Services-InternshipsCampus Ministry Leaders |                   Family and Alumni Weekend Coordinators | Greek Life | Orientation Leader |               Resident Assistant | Social Mentors  | Student Worker Student Organizations

Student Leader Application Checklist

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In order to be considered for a student leader position as an orientation leader, resident assistant, homecoming coordinators, family and alumni weekend coordinators, and/or social mentor you must complete the three step process. Please refer to each leadership opportunities as a way to grow and develop your leadership skills and involvement within the University. For more information about each position, please click on the links above. Thank you for your interest and we wish you the best of luck with the selection process.


If you're an orientation leader,contact Angie Carr Robinett, Director of Student Life.  For Family and Alumni Weekend coordinator, contact Megan Brower, Assistant Director of Student Life. Resident Assistants can contact Emily Kempf, assistant director of residence life. Social mentors should contact Elbert Darden, assistant director of the Counseling Center. 

Leadership Articles & Resources