Interfraternity Council

The purpose of this organization shall be:

  • To make a significant, positive contribution to the collegiate experience of present and future students.
  • To assist and strengthen fraternities both individually and collectively.
  • To further intellectual accomplishment and scholarship of fraternities and their members.
  • To act as the governing body of the fraternities which it represents.
  • To maintain high moral standards.
  • To ensure compliance with IFC Constitution, its by-laws, rules and regulations, and the regulations of the University.
  • To serve as the official IFC voice to the University, the community, and the students in matters pertinent to this Council.
  • To harmonize the various activities of, and to hear and resolve complaints involving, the member fraternities, and to promote congenial relations between all Rockhurst Greek Organizations, the University, and the City.

The Interfraternity Council is a separate, self-governing body that oversees the regulations and policies of the members. Each council functions as a communication link among the Greeks, examining mutual problems and proposing resolutions. Each fraternity elects representatives to serve on the IFC.

Interfraternity Council Officers:

President: Tyler Head

Secretary: Andrew Gainer

Treasurer: Nick Winston