What are the criteria to join a fraternity or sorority?
To go through recruitment, each new first-year student must register for recruitment and have completed a minimum 12 academic hours at Rockhurst (hours taken in high school may not count toward that 12). Transfer students may participate if they have completed a minimum of 12 academic hours at another institution (courses taken in high school do not count toward that 12) and meet the minimum grade-point average requirement. Students must be enrolled full time, have at least a 2.5 GPA, and may not be on disciplinary probation. Some fraternities and sororities may require higher academic eligibility requirements. Men must attend an IFC open house to participate in recruitment. Women are highly encouraged to attend the Panhellenic open houses and Fall Party.

Why do people join fraternities and sororities?
Philanthropic projects, community service, tradition, career networking, social opportunities and becoming part of an international organization are all reasons mentioned for becoming a member of a fraternity or sorority, but the one cited most often by members is the sense of brotherhood/sisterhood. The element of brotherhood/sisterhood is nonetheless a difficult attribute to convey to men and women interested in joining. It is a feeling of togetherness, support and teamwork. It is companionship, personal discovery, challenge, and awareness.

Aren't fraternities and sororities just like the ones in the movies and on TV?
Fictional accounts from Animal House, Revenge of the Nerds, Road Trip, Old School, the television show Greek and the news media tend to focus on, and exaggerate, the social aspect of fraternity and sorority life, as opposed to all the impressive, multidimensional benefits of membership.

Rockhurst has a strong, vibrant fraternity and sorority community and social functions do occur but these events are tightly controlled for the safety of members and guests. Beyond that, the fraternities and sororities also host many service and philanthropic events and other activities entirely without alcohol, and all fraternities and sororities oppose hazing because it has no place in organizations based on mutual respect and shared values.

How much time does fraternity or sorority membership require?
Like most other worthwhile extracurricular activities, how much you get out of your fraternity/sorority membership is related to how much you put in. On average, expect to contribute three to six hours per week for meetings and mandatory activities. Optional activities, such as holding an office, attending social events, playing on an intramural sports team, or helping out with various projects will, of course, take additional time. Some organizations require more time than others. Be sure to ask questions regarding time commitments during recruitment.