Why Volunteer

Five Good Reasons to Volunteer Your Time, Talent and Efforts

Experience to Go
The Center for Service Learning maintains a service transcript for each student, displaying the locations and the hours served.

Friendship and Camaraderie
Part of the college experience is about being a part of a meaningful community outside your family. There's nothing like working with others to cement friendships and build common ground.

A Vibrant Community
Meeting diverse people in a variety of circumstances expands your understanding, develops compassion and enriches everyone involved.

Leadership and Beyond
In building leadership skills, you rely on personal initiative and find creative solutions to challenges.

Mission into Action
By volunteering your talents to the community, you are a living example of the Jesuit ideal of service for others.

"I used to think service was just about making you look good, (something) to put on applications... Now I realize that it is about the people you help. Service is about changing the community, even if it is just a little, for the better." Service learning student