Finucane Scholars

Rockhurst is a learning community, centered on a strong undergraduate liberal education in the arts & sciences and excellence in graduate professional education in business management and the health professions. Because it is Catholic and Jesuit, Rockhurst is involved in the life and growth of the city and region, and committed to the service of the contemporary world.

Service to the community beyond the boundaries of campus is an integral part of the student experience at Rockhurst University. While service at Rockhurst is voluntary, more than 85% of students participate in service during their years at Rockhurst.  Service to others in the Jesuit tradition provides students with an opportunity to reflect on the broader issues that shape our world, ask important questions about the injustices found in our society and learn that their decisions have implications for others. Through service Rockhurst students use their gifts and put them into action as men and women for others. The Finucane Service Scholarship is an important way that Rockhurst University promotes on-going, meaningful service to the community.

The Finucane Service Scholarship is a competitive scholarship. The students who receive the Finucane Service Scholarship are leaders in service and as such are expected to continue their service leadership during their career at Rockhurst by giving a minimum of 75 hours each calendar year in service to others.

Interested in becoming a Finucane Scholar?

Talk with your admissions advisor about this scholarship and to obtain an application.

Transfer students- Students transferring to Rockhurst for the Spring 2016 semester, please complete the Transfer application. Applications are due 5 pm (CST) January 5, 2016. 2016 Spring Transfer Application (DOCX)

Incoming freshman- Applications for Fall 2016 Freshman are due by 5 pm (CST) February 12, 2016. 2016 Fall Freshman Application (DOCX)

Applications should be submitted to: Center for Service Learning, Rockhurst University, VanAckeren Hall 200G, Kansas City, MO 64110 (mail); (email); or 816-501-3259 (fax).

For questions about this scholarship, please contact Julia Vargas, director, Center for Service Learning at 816-501-4545 or