Example Questions

Question 1: If the activity of a particular radioactive sample is 20 Curies and its half-life is 100 years, what activity would you expect after 200 years?

Question 2: The photoelectric effect demonstrates that an increase in the brightness of the light directed at a metal surface causes an increase in the emitted electrons:

a. wavelength
b. speed
c. energy
d. number

Question 3: What is the power needed by a toaster that draws a current of 9 amperes when plugged into 120 volts?

Question 4: What is the resistance of an ideal ammeter?

Question 5: In the CPU, the instruction register holds the instruction which is doing what?

Question 6: Bacteria in the human body produce vitamin K, which is important in the clotting of blood. Where are these bacteria located?

Question 7: What nucleic base replaces thymine in an RNA molecule?

Question 8: What are bacteria called that can live without oxygen?

Question 9: In the ammonium ion, N-H-4-plus, which hybrid bonding orbitals of nitrogen are used?

Question 10: How does electronegativity change across the third period of the periodic table from sodium to chlorine?