Housing Forms

Administrative Forms

Residence Life forms are listed below, should you have any questions regarding a form.  Please contact the residence life office at 816-501-4663.

Residence Life Forms:
Contract Agreement for Residents under 18 (PDF) - Please note this form is only filled out by students who will be under the age of 18 at the time of their move into the residence hall.
Leadership Transcript (PDF)

Residency Exemption Form (PDF)
Residence Life Contract 2016-2017 (PDF)
Room Change Form (PDF)
Get Packing List (PDF)

Desk Assistant Application:
The office of Residence Life staffs the three residence hall front desks (Corcoran, McGee, Xavier-Loyola).  All students with Federal Work Study funds are eligible to apply to be Desk Assistant.  Simply fill out the Desk Assistant Application to be considered for a position as a Desk Assistant.  If you have any questions, please contact the Residence Life office at 816-501-4663.

Hire/Rehire Paperwork:
New DA Hire Packet (PDF)
Returning DA Hire Packet (PDF)

Safety and Security:
Incident Report

Damage Appeals Process:
Any damages incurred since check-in, (including marks on the outside of the room, door stickers and tape residue on the walls or mirrors, marks on the walls, drawers with broken hinges or changes, broken mini blinds cords, ect.) are assessed by the building staff and verified by the Office of Residence Life.  Damages will be assessed and posted to a students account and the Office of Residence Life will send a Damage Notification letter via email to the students Rockhurst email address. The letter outlines the damages and the process for appeal.  All appeals must be turned in by the date indicated on the damage appeal form. All appeals will be reviewed by a three-member Review Board of Appeals, consisting of a student and two staff and/or faculty members not employed by Residence Life.  If your appeal is denied by the Board, the rationale for the denial will be provided in the Appeal Decision letter sent to you via your Rockhurst email address.  Our goal is have all appeals completed by the middle of July.   You can click on Damage Appeal Form to have your appeal reviewed.