The Office of Public Relations and Marketing (PRM) seeks to enhance the visibility and image of Rockhurst University through effective media relations, advertising, publications, community relations and by maintaining an effective online presence. The foundation of all public relations and marketing efforts is Rockhurst's mission of learning, leadership and service in the Jesuit tradition.

What services does PRM offer?
The PRM office provides a variety of services, from special event promotion to media relations to the development of printed publications. We can assist with planning, conceptual development, project management, editing, graphic design and print purchasing services.

How does it work?
In many ways, the PRM office operates much like any advertising or communications firm. You submit a job request providing background information about your project. We'll work with you to determine the strategy, write or edit the text, design and produce the job.

How long will it take?
The size and scope of your job determine how long it will take to get a finished product. Generally, bigger or more complex jobs will need more time for production and printing. Jobs requiring new photography, illustration or extensive writing will take extra time. Production timelines included within the online job request form provide a general estimate for how long various types of jobs will take. For questions, contact Courtney Lee, production coordinator, at 816-501-4895.