News Media Guidelines

Rockhurst University requires that all news media contact a member of the Public Relations and Marketing staff before coming to campus to cover a story. Start by calling the director of public relations at 816-501-4151. You may also call the main Public Relations and Marketing number, 816-501-4895. If you are covering breaking news after regular business hours, call the Safety and Security Department at 816-501-4010.

In addition to helping you gain access to appropriate sources (including students, faculty or administrators), locations and parking, PRM will notify the Safety and Security Department of your anticipated arrival. In an effort to provide a safe campus community, security officers routinely look for people and vehicles that are not authorized to be on campus. Allowing us to notify them before your visit helps us maintain a welcoming atmosphere for visitors.

To prevent disruptions to the learning environment, media are allowed inside campus buildings only with prior approval and an escort from the Public Relations and Marketing office. It is particularly important to protect the privacy of all students, especially those who live on campus while they are in their residence hall room or Town House Village apartment. Media will be allowed in these areas only in rare circumstances. It is imperative to contact Public Relations and Marketing to request access and an escort, even if a student has given permission for you to enter.

If you have received a news release from the Public Relations and Marketing Department about a campus event, we welcome notice of your plans to come cover it, but you do not need to contact the department unless you have questions or require assistance.

Please note that our campus security officers have been asked to enforce these guidelines.