TimeBox is Sealed, New Plaque DedicatedDecember 5, 2010

On Friday, Dec. 3, the Rockhurst University TimeBox was once again sealed, and a new plaque was unveiled to commemorate it. 

During the Centennial Celebration weekend in September, Rockhurst students, friends and alumni were able to view the memorabilia and treasures of the university’s TimeBox on display in Massman Hall. It was created and sealed in 1985.

Among the new items added this year were a centennial lapel pin, a Pi Kappa Epsilon fraternity shirt and a copy of the 2009-10 student handbook. The TimBox will be sealed for another 25 years.

The new plaque was dedicated in a ceremony led by the Rev. Thomas Curran, O.S.F.S. Fr. Curran said the TimeBox is an important historical cache that serves as a way of communicating with future generations. He also thanked the Rev. Louis Oldani, S.J., and the Rev. Martin Bredeck, S.J., for their work on organizing and displaying the TimeBox.

Students, faculty, administrators and members of the Board of Trustees were in attendance for this event. To see additional pictures, click here.

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