Rockhurst student-athletes add honor societyJune 4, 2012

Inaugural Chi Alpha Sigma ClassBeing a student-athlete is not an easy feat. However, some manage to excel in both areas. This year, Rockhurst University’s Student Athlete Advisory Committee worked hard to establish a Chi Alpha Sigma National Honor Society on campus. There are a few qualifications for being a member of this honor society; maintaining a 3.4 cumulative GPA is one of them.

This honor society motivates student-athletes to put just as much determination and energy into their studies as they put into their sports. It also allows graduating seniors to be recognized for their accomplishments at the commencement ceremony, similar to other honor societies on campus.

Rockhurst University is the third university in Missouri to become a member of Chi Alpha Sigma (Webster and Westminster are the others). Rockhurst is also the fourth school in the Great Lakes Valley Conference to become inducted, joining Quincy, Northern Kentucky and Bellarmine.

The inaugural class at Rockhurst features 20 graduating seniors, who were inducted into Chi Alpha Sigma. This list includes: Katie McCune, Kayla Thomas, Gina Mackevicius, Megan Holm, Megan Cook, Liz Farnan, Chrissy Sarcone, Valerie Zamora, Emily Cory, Danny Esselman, Gabe Jones, Clarke Fry, Terance Tatum, Mark Himmelberg, Erin Bales, Leigh-Anne Fourie, Mary Lanaghen, Rachel Lanaghen, Jacque Titus and Gabbie Binion.

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