RU launches fundraiser for $30K bonusApril 5, 2012

If you think long enough you can probably think of 700 reasons why Rockhurst University is great.

But for the first time, alumni are being asked directly to become one of those reasons.

On April 1, the University launched its alumni challenge campaign: Project 700. The goal of the campaign is to gain 700 alumni donors who have not given since July 1, 2011. If the University reaches this goal, three generous donors have pledged to give Rockhurst $10,000 each – for a total of $30,000.

“We have a great opportunity for alumni to give back and help make the college experience better for future students,” Deanna Johnson, director of annual giving said. “Tuition only covers about 60 percent of the cost to educate a student so every dollar that is graciously given really makes a difference.”

Because this challenge is based upon alumni participation and not dollars donated, any amount given will help the University reach its goal.

Besides helping Rockhurst receive the $30,000 prize, the higher number of alumni participants also helps boost RU’s rankings in the US News and World Report.

Currently, Rockhurst is ranked 19th in the regional university Midwest rankings.

As of April 3, there were already 23 new donors signed up for the campaign. Each week, the number of new donors will be updated on the Rockhurst University Facebook page to show people how close their alma mater is to reaching its goal.

For more information about the campaign or to find out how to give, visit

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