Politics main focus for Rockhurst University’s inaugural leadership eventSeptember 28, 2012

George Will can speak enthusiastically about two of his favorite subjects: politics and baseball. The nationally recognized syndicated columnist addressed both topics during the inaugural event of the Rockhurst University Leadership Series, held Thursday, Sept. 27, at the Kansas City Marriott Downtown.

More than 600 people filled the hotel’s conference room for the lunchtime event. In attendance were a bevy of leaders from the Kanas City area who came to hear Will speak. Much of Will’s presentation revolved around the upcoming presidential election and the many problems facing the country. While Will is known as a conservative commentator, he spoke openly about his opinions on both parties and their candidates.

This appealed to Adelaine Holdemyer, St. Louis sophomore, who said she enjoyed attending the event.

“Although he is a conservative, he didn’t necessarily agree with all of the conservative viewpoints,” she said. “I thought some of his points were interesting and came from a point of view I hadn’t thought of. I want to start reading his column.”

Will was brought to Kansas City by the Rockhurst University Leaders Council. The leadership series was started as a way to bring the best of leadership to Kansas City by featuring speakers of national or international prominence.

“There is an appetite for people in the Kansas City community to be in a leadership environment,” said Bill Conway, RULC vice chairman. “It’s increasingly important for the University to continue to focus on leadership and push this message out into the community so they know that Rockhurst University is where leaders learn; that our grads are going to be in the community and leaders of the community for years to come.”

Prior to the main event, Will was given the opportunity to speak with a group of Rockhurst University students in a small question and answer session. When asked what piece of advice he would give any college student, Will had one thing to say: read.

“Keep reading,” Will said. “You’re just beginning to get educated. The rest of your life is just reading. The world belongs to the people who know things.  You don’t know things by reading journalists like me. You won’t know things unless you read books.”

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