Fraternity Volunteers Time During Summer BreakJuly 18, 2011

The scorching temperatures didn't stop the men of Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity from putting in a hard day's work at 5418 Lydia Ave. on Saturday, July 16.

The fraternity volunteered to help the 49/63 Community Action Network (CAN) Center with some landscaping and cleaning. The house is owned by Rockhurst University, but it is used for the offices of the 49/63 CAN Center and the Neighborhood Coalition to provide valuable resources for the neighborhood.

The SAEs are one of several student groups at Rockhurst who volunteer their services to the center. Ruth Austin, a center volunteer, said the Rockhurst students are always generous and will do almost anything. This group, she said, were "hard workers but even more importantly, they were a wonderful delight to be with."

Anyone who wants to volunteer with the 49/63 CAN Center may call (816) 333-4963.

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