Two seniors have an adventure before graduationMay 14, 2012

Julia Krollikowski and Erica Putze discover hidden treasures' in Rockhurst's forgotten radio station.

Bucket lists are a good reminder for people to not waste whatever time they have left on Earth. It’s also just as useful for graduating seniors getting ready to leave college. At least this was the case for Julia Krolikowski and Erica Putze.

With only a few days until graduation, the two seniors were scrambling to check off as many items from their Rockhurst University bucket list as possible.

Krolikowski originally started out with 45 things on her list including having a picnic on the quad, set up and use a Slip ‘n Slide in lower Bourke Field, and eating an Oreo twister from the Pub.

Putze wanted to do things like pet one of the Rockhurst cats, wear the Rock E. Hawk suit and reveal to her Facebook followers that she is in fact the Rockhurst Chump.

Both of their lists had walk the tunnel between Massman Hall and Conway Hall and ride around in one of the white micro vans.

“I fell in love with the idea of a bucket list when I first saw the short vans,” Putze said. “I knew that I was going to have to ride around in those.”

“And I’ve wanted to go through the secret tunnel ever since I found out about it as a freshman,” Krolikowski said. “But it really wasn’t that scary. There was just a lot of pipes and a random chair. It was also kind of damp.”

As a bonus, they were given a tour of the bowels of Sedgwick Hall where they discovered Rockhurst’s now defunct radio station, KRC radio 760.

“I can’t believe there was a radio station on campus and we didn’t know about it,” Krolikowski said.

“It was better than I could have ever imagined,” Putze replied. 

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