Rockhurst University Goes Back-to-Back with Record Number of Incoming StudentsAugust 19, 2013

The best way to follow up a record-setting incoming freshman class is to do it all over again.

Last year, Rockhurst was able to add 530 new students. This year, it looks like close to another 530 students will once again call Rockhurst home. 

 “This makes two huge classes in a row,” Lane Ramey, associate vice president of enrollment, said. “We followed the same plan that was developed last year, but made adjustments along the way to respond to the needs and desires of the families sending their children to Rockhurst.”

By mirroring their strategy, the admissions office was able to mirror their results. As of August 19, 438 new freshman and about 84 transfer students have enrolled at the University. Ramey said they continue to get new applications from students so he expects the numbers to go up.

Along with their numbers, this new batch of students is also similar in other respects. This year’s class has an almost identical ACT average and a cumulative GPA of 3.63.

Most of the students this year come from Missouri, Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, Illinois and Texas.  And for another year, the top three listed majors are nursing, business and undecided followed by pre-medicine, physical therapy and engineering. 

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