2012 Library Instruction Guides

Fall 2012 Guides

 ACCP High School Students Guide

Berkshire PY3400: Developmental Psychology

Carlson ED6450: Foundations of Special Education

Carlson ED4020: Fundamentals of Literacy Learning

Duncan SP4940: Capstone

EMBA Resource Guide

Evans FR4940: French Senior Capstone

Flanagan TH4350:Theology, Morality and Health Care

Gonsher ED7710: Integrating Arts Instruction

Haefele PY1000: Introduction to Psychology

Haefele EXS3700: Exercise Psychology

Hamilton First Year Experience

Hicks ED3100: Education

Janusik CT2010: Interpersonal Communication

Jensen BUS1800: Micro-Computers Applications for Business

Kerrigan EN1110: English Composition I

Kerrigan EN2960: Journeys, Voyages and Quests

Kerrigan EN3000: Major Figures in British Literature

Kolfer ENG1120: English Composition I

Lampe: BUS1900

Lillis ED4600: Teaching the Language Arts

Merced SP4940: Spanish Capstone

Metzger ED6150: Field Experience and Action Research

Millard LS4930: Research Design and Methodology

Moats EN1140: English Composition

Schwering Business Capstone

Schwering MG6940: MBA Capstone

Schwering MG4940: Business Leadership Strategy, Policy, Ethics 

Sonnenberg ED4030/6030: Educational Technology

Swartz ED3300: Teaching Social Studies

White BUS1000: Freshman in Business

White BUS3350: Global Business


Summer 2012 Guides

 Coffelt OT5170: Research I Evidence Based Practice

Janusik CT2010: Interpersonal Communication

Jensen EMBA Research Colloquium

Spangler OT5180 Occupational Performance

Scott PY3110: Psychological Research Methods


Spring 2012 Instruction Guides

Arthur EN1120: English Composition II

Arthur EN3670: Studies in the American Novel

Beverlin PS3170: Political Leadership

Coakley EN1101: College Composition I

Coakley EN1120: College Composition II

Dahl AR1120: Introduction to Art History II   

Duncan SP4940: Spanish Capstone

Dyer St. Pius X English 

Evans FR4940: French Capstone

Hart CD6430: Concepts and Practices of Research

Hicks ED 6400: Education

Janusik CT2010: Interpersonal Communication

Janusik CT4940: Communications Capstone

Kerrigan EN2960: Journeys, Voyages, and Quests

Kolfer EN1120: College Composition II

Koch CD 4960: Senior Seminar 

Liberty High School

Nary HP3700: Global Perspectives on Disability

Oldani EN1120: College Composition II

Sonneberg ED 4030/6030: Educational Technology

Stafford EN1120: College Composition II