Life at the Claver Residence

Life at the Claver Jesuit Community

The Rockhurst Jesuit Community is located on the edge of Rockhurst University and chose as its patron, because of his devotion the poor and marginalized. The community serves at Rockhurst University, Rockhurst High School, St. Francis Xavier Parish and Guardian Angels Parish in the Kansas City area.

Jesuit community life revolves around prayer, Eucharist, study, recreation, and hospitality. At Claver House we have a “daily order” meaning that we have community activities every day. These include:

  • Lunch together (for those who are home)
  • Common Prayer
  • Recreation before dinner
  • Dinner together

Regularly we have larger community activities including:

  • A day of prayer at the beginning and end of the academic year
  • Celebrating Thanksgiving together as a community
  • Celebrating the life and ministry of confreres who are now with God
  • Welcoming Jesuits from other parts of the country and world to be with us

The one goal is to do all things For the Greater Glory of God. We give all to Christ no matter what the activity to be at His service, to be His companions in building God’s Kingdom.

The Rockhurst Jesuit Community supports, nurtures and animates all of its members to be of service.