Health Care Leadership MBA Program Tuition and Financial Aid


For the class of 2019, tuition for the full MBA in health care leadership is $34,761. Tuition includes all books, supplies, University fees, field trips and student learning materials. You should expect no additional out-of-pocket expenses. Students accepted are required to submit three MBA tuition payments, as listed below:

  • First payment of $11,557 is due following MS-I
  • Second payment of $11,557 is due in MS-II
  • Third payment of $11,557 is due in MS-III
Financial Aid

Financial aid for both your medical school and MBA degrees are coordinated by KCUMB. Contact Mr. Jerry Belcher, KCUMB assistant director of financial aid, by phone (816-654-7179) or by email ( to set up an appointment to explore your financial aid options. Mr. Belcher will ensure that all MBA-related financial aid decisions are coordinated with your medical school financial aid plan.