Frequently Asked Questions About the DO/MBA Dual-degree Program

How many credit hours are required for an MBA in health care leadership, and how is it integrated into my medical school studies?

The MBA in Health Care Leadership is a 48 credit hour degree. DO/MBA dual-degree students complete both degrees in four years, and walk across the graduation stage receiving their Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine along with a Rockhurst MBA.

How is the MBA integrated into my medical school studies?

The majority of MBA course work is completed during summers between MS-I and MS-II, and MS-II and MS-III, and during the fall of MS-III (Sept-Oct).

How can I be taking classes during the fall semester of MS-III when I have my clinical rotations?

KCUMB has agreements with many preceptors, which allow students to complete their clinical rotations on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. This enables students to attend MBA courses on Thursdays and Fridays. KCUMB and Rockhurst carefully coordinate the scheduling of rotations and MBA classes to enable students to complete both degrees simultaneously.

Do I lose all my weekends and vacation time if I decide to dual?

No. MBA classes are scheduled during the week. We also try to schedule at least one week of vacation from MBA classes after medical school classes begin in the spring, and a second week of vacation before the fall medical school session begins.

Are applicants required to take the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT)?

No. KCUMB students applying to the MBA in health care leadership are not required to take the GMAT. You are required, however, to have a MCAT score and an official set of all college and graduate school transcripts sent to the Rockhurst University Health Care Leadership Office at the address listed on the MBA application.

What if I've never taken a business course before?

Most dual-degree students have never taken business courses before enrolling in the MBA. The MBA curriculum is designed with this in mind.

How many KCUMB students have enrolled in the DO/MBA?

Since its inception in 2001, more than 300 KCUMB students have enrolled in this dual-degree program.

May I contact some current KCUMB dual-degree students?

Contact the health care leadership program assistant at 816-501-4HCL or The program assistant can put you in touch with current dual-degree students.

Where are MBA in Health Care Leadership classes held?

MBA classes are held on the main Rockhurst University campus in Conway Hall, home of the Helzberg School of Management. Rockhurst is located 6.5 miles south of the KCUMB campus –about a 15-minute drive.

I notice that some of the MBA classes are scheduled during the same terms as medical school classes. How is that possible?

We schedule a few courses in the evening, one night a week during part of MS-1 and MS-2.  Schedules are developed in conjunction with your medical school curriculum and exam schedule with KCU's input.

Will I have time to study and prepare for boards?

Yes!  We do not schedule MBA activities between April and June of your MS-II to allow for board preparation.  Classes after MS-II do not begin until after you've completed the board exam.

What about the faculty? Do they have a background in health care?

Rockhurst Health Care Leadership faculty blends professional expertise with academic experience. We strongly encourage you to find out more about our superb faculty.

How do I apply to the MBA in Health Care Leadership?

To apply for admission to the DO/MBA dual-degree program, you should submit the following documentation:

Apply for Admission Online

Online Authorization Form - This online form is required for KCUMB and Rockhurst to share your educational records and information.

Official transcripts from all schools attended.

Copy of your MCAT results.  A scanned copy of the student report you access from the site is sufficient for our records.

If you have questions about the admission process, contact Rockhurst's health care leadership office at 816-501-4HCL or

What is the deadline for applications?

We will close the window for initial applications for the KCUMB Class of 2019 on December 11, 2015.  Preferential admission will be given to those who apply prior to November 6, 2015.