Center for Leadership and Ethics

The Helzberg School of Management at Rockhurst University has created the new Center for Leadership and Ethics with a primary focus on improving the quality of life for members of our community through the development of principled leaders. Consistent with Rockhurst's mission of learning, leadership and service, the center embraces ideas such as strategic philanthropy, in which organizations respond to real community needs in a way that aligns with their organizational mission and is good for business.

Rockhurst is dedicated to developing leaders prepared to shape the world around us. Our Jesuit educational experience reinforces the values that drive individuals to create a better community with a clear sense of connection with one another.

Business Leadership and Ethics Day

Occurs annually each April
The Helzberg School of Management's 2015 Business Leadership and Ethics Day will take place on Tuesday, April 7.

Community and business leaders volunteer their time throughout the day and evening, visiting classrooms to discuss various leadership and ethical issues. They focus on the theme of each classroom curriculum topic and relate their experiences, offer solutions, explain the approach to their successes and answer questions.

For more information, contact Acey Lampe, executive professor of management, at

Past Speakers

Gary Beggs, '03 EMBA
Angelo Brisimitzakis
Reece Clark, '11, '13 MBA
Jackie Emory, '13
Jeff Goering, '91
Bob Grant
Diego Gutierrez, '05, '14 EMBA
Scott Hanson
Wes Hedrick, '12 MBA
LaVaughn Henry, Ph.D., '84
LeiAnn Lacina, '13 EMBA
Kim Littlejohn, '00, '10 EMBA
Scott Marshall, '11 EMBA
Guy Kirby Montgomery, '10, '11 MBA
Kevin Murphy
Nate Olson, '11
Caleb Phillippi, '11, '13 MBA
Jeanette Prenger
Maryanne Roepke, '78
Chuck Searle, '00, '05 MBA
Jared Steinshouer, '13 EMBA
Beth Wade
Kelly Walls, '10 EMBA
Patrick White, '11
William White

Gayle Brekke, '12 MBA
Pete Burney
Kathryn Chang, '11
Michael Collins, '12 EMBA
Jonathan Dandurand, '12 MBA
Darryl Getter, '87
Jim Glynn, '74
Bob Grant
Augie Grasis, '85
Fred Grossman, '12
David Herdlick, '88
Andy Iseman, '87
Jeff Klusman, '96
Mary Lewis, '10 EMBA
Matthew Maggi, '13 MBA
Jake Meyer, '10
Alana Muller
John Mulvihill, '82
Ned O'Connor, '83, '99 EMBA
Chuck Searle, '00, '05 MBA
Gino Serra
John Stephens, '80
Mike Thomas, '87
Denny Thum, '74
Angelo Trozzolo, '02
Pasquale Trozzolo, '75
Dave Van Brunt
Dan Ward, '84