Health Information & Services

At Rockhurst, we are committed to our students’ well-being, both in and out of the classroom.
With that well-being in mind, Rockhurst has established a collaborative relationship with University District Medical Care (UDMC) located in the North Parking Garage on the Rockhurst campus and Goppert Trinity Family Care (Goppert), located south of the University at 6675 Holmes St., third floor to provide for students’ acute and preventative health care needs. For students enrolled in the Rockhurst student health insurance plan, most services received at UDMC and Goppert are covered by the plan and paid at 100 percent with no deductible or co-payment required.

The waiver site is closed for students who are wanting to waive for the spring/summer 2015.  If you waived the insurance for the fall semester you have waived it for the entire academic year.

Rockhurst University has negotiated an affordable and comprehensive health care plan for our students and their dependents. Full-time undergraduate (12 hours or more) or full-time graduate (9 hours or more) students are automatically enrolled in this program unless they waive the requirement through our web-based enrollment/waiver system by the established deadline of Aug. 29, 2014, for the fall semester and Jan. 23, 2015, for the spring/summer. Part-time, accelerated option, Executive MBA, DO/MBA, MBA/PHY, post-baccalaureate and other students may voluntarily enroll in the program. Dependents of full-time students may also be eligible for enrollment in the plan. For further information, please visit Student Insurance.