Great Plains Student Psychology Convention 2014

March 21-22, 2014
Hosted by Rockhurst University, Kansas City, Missouri

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The 34th Annual Great Plains Student Psychology Convention will be held at Rockhurst University in Kansas City, Missouri, on Friday and Saturday, March 21 and 22, 2014.  Planned is a conference similar to the previous thirty-three GPSPCs, but with some nuance too.  As is typical, there will be oral presentations and poster sessions.  Oral presentations will be of the standard fifteen-minute format with eleven or so minutes devoted to presentation, and three or so minutes devoted to questions.  Oral presentation will be divided into sessions by topic area.  There will be at least three poster sessions, two Friday and then one Saturday morning in which we plan to have the ability to accommodate sixty posters each session.  We also invite symposia, if groups are so interested.  So, it is a standard GPSPC conference in the structure of the presentation of the research and several sessions running simultaneously.

Additional components planned for the 34th GPSPC are designed to free convention attendees to attend entertainment or cultural events in Kansas City, as well as to add convenience and enjoyment to the conference itself.  For instance, we shall halt conference proceedings Friday at around five or five-thirty o’clock and turn you loose on the town.   Thus, no dinner or buffet is planned for Friday evening which is a fairly standard event at GPSPC.  But we are arranging to have food available for purchase all throughout the conference.  The RU cafeteria will remain open, as will the Pub.  While both food sources are under the same management, the Pub offers a variety of grilled sandwiches and desserts that the cafeteria does not (but it no longer offers alcoholic beverages).  In addition, there is a Planet Sub located in the lower level of Massman Hall—where all three food sources are located—that has a completely different menu from the other two.  And they have a variety of coffee drinks.  Also, we are negotiating with some of the famous Kansas City food trucks to determine if they can be on campus with their most delicious offerings.  There will be BBQ, and deserts too. 

On the business side, as was done last time at Creighton we will have the business meeting Saturday morning over breakfast.  We will open it around 6:30 so that we allow time to eat, meet, and beat feet to the conference.  We will have Dr. Hespos’s keynote address at 11:30 on Saturday, after which we can have the awards luncheon.  (Please let us know in advance if you plan to stay for it.)  The hotels have been informed that some folks may want to stay Saturday night to further enjoy Kansas City entertainment, and they are aware that some folks my arrive Thursday afternoon to recover from an especially long drive.  The hotels have extended the group rate for all three nights.  You may register directly from the web page as you preregister for the conference.  And we have bumped the registration fee to $30.  Preregistration will be available over the website.  Payment can be made with credit card or check.  If check, make it out to Rockhurst University and put my name, William Sturgill, on the for line.  Registration on site at the conference will cost $40 and can be paid only with check or cash.  Commemorative t-shirts may be ordered in advance of the conference and then collected when you arrive.  Although we will provide some extra t-shirts in case you decide at the conference that you would like one, there will not be many of these. 

Dr. Susan J. Hespos will present the keynote address.  Dr. Hespos is an Associate Professor of Developmental Psychology at Northwestern University and Director of Graduate Studies.  In addition to her faculty position in the psychology department, Dr. Hespos is affiliated with several other departments at Northwestern, including: Learning Sciences, Interdepartmental Neuroscience, Cognitive Science Program, and NSF Spatial Intelligence and Learning Center.  She received her doctorate in Developmental Psychology from Emory University, and prior to that she received an M.A. in Cognition from Emory University and a B.A. in Psychology from Reed College.  The title of her address will be: “Origins of concepts: What infants can tell us about cognition.” 

So, get those presentations ready!  We look forward to seeing you in March.