$100,000 or more cumulative donations to the University

Sorted by Last Name or Company/Organization

A - Z

Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Alexander
Mr. and Mrs. W. Robert Aylward
Mrs. Sue Blair
The H&R Block Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Breen Jr.
Breidenthal Foundation
Breidenthal-Snyder Foundation
Richard and Jane Bruening
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Buehler
Butler Manufacturing Company
Mr. and Mrs. James G. Castellano
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Charles
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Clune
Dr. and Mrs. A. Curtis Coffman
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Colson
Commerce Bank of Kansas City
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Coppinger
Country Club Bank
L. M. Cowden Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Cunningham, Sr.
Rev. Thomas B. Curran
Mr. and Mrs. Tony Dill
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Dineen
DST Systems, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Dunlap
Mr. and Mrs. Terrence P. Dunn
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Dunn Sr.
J. E. Dunn Construction Co.
The Dunn Family Foundation
Stanley H. Durwood Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Fahey
Farmers Insurance Group
Faultless Linen Company
Dr. and Mrs. Kermit Fendler
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Ferrell
Ferrell Companies, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Firman
Mr. and Mrs. Martin J. Flaherty
Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Foley
Forster-Powers Charitable Trust
The Francis Family Foundation
Charles A. Frueauff Foundation
GE Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. R. McRae Geschwind
The Greater KC Community Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Glas
Goppert Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald C. Haake
Mr. Donald J. Hall
Hall Family Foundation
Hallmark Cards, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Haverty
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Hayes, Jr.
Ms. Marty Head and Dr. John Feagin Jr.
The Hearst Foundation, Inc.
Adolph Heine Trust
Mr. Louis Heitlinger
Mr. and Mrs. Barnett Helzberg
Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Henry
Mrs. Mark B. Higgins
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd L. Hill
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis P. Hogan
Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Kansas City
Society of Jesus Missouri Province
Joseph W. Kaminski Charitable Trust
Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation
The Kansas City Star
Great Plains Energy/KCPL
Kansas City Southern Industries
Mr. and Mrs. R. Crosby Kemper Jr
Mr. R. Crosby Kemper III
David Woods Kemper Memorial Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. R. Crosby Kemper, Jr
R.C. Kemper Charitable Trust - UMB Bank, n.a. Trustee
William T. Kemper Foundation - Commerce Bank, Trustee
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Knopke
Kresge Foundation
Rev. Wilfred L. LaCroix SJ
Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. LaPorta
Mrs. Irene T. Laughlin
Mr. and Mrs. Mel J. Lavery
Irven & NeVada Linscomb Foundation
Mrs. Robert A. Long
Henry Luce Foundation, Inc.
The J.E. & L.E. Mabee Foundation
Massman Construction Company
Mr. and Mrs. Walter B. McCormick Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McCullough
McCullough Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. McDonnell
McDonnell Foundation
Anne McGee
The McGee Foundation
Mr. Joe K. McMahon Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John P. McMeel
Catherin V. Merrill Foundation
Microsoft Corporation
Mr. James and Dr. Patricia Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Miller
Mrs. Robert E. Miller
Miller-Mellor Association
Missouri Colleges Fund
Mobil Oil Corporation
Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Muleski
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent L. Murphy
National Seminars Group
Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation
James B. Nutter & Company
I. A. O'Shaughnessy Foundation
J. B. Reynolds Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Rogers
Mr. Thomas Schwartz
Scott Rice of Kansas City, Inc
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Seiber
Dr. William C. Servoss
Ms. Young W. Sexton
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Sherman
Mrs. Donna Skala
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Small
Mr. and Mrs. Louis W. Smith
Col. (Ret) and Mrs. Willard B. Snyder
Sodexo Management Services
Sosland Companies Inc. & Foundation
Victor E. Speas Foundation
Ms. M. Jeannine Strandjord
John J. Sullivan Jr. Charitable Trust
The Sunderland Foundation
Teagle Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Byron G. Thompson Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis J. Thum
Tilles Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Tritt
Courtney S. Turner Trust
UMB Bank
Union Pacific Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Vowells
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde F. Wendel
Mrs. Georgiana Wiesner
Jay Wolfe Automotive Group