Blue & White Society

$1,000 or more donated from parents of Rockhurst students during the 2012-2013 fiscal year

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Mr. and Mrs. Louis Bosso
Dr. and Mrs. Angelo Brisimitzakis, parents of Teddy '15 and Evangelos '12
Dr. and Mrs. Eduardo Garcia, parents of Andrew '16
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gonderinger, parents of Emily '13
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Hagan, parents of Sarah '13
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Himmelberg, parents of Mark '12
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Kostal, parents of Whitney '16
Mr. and Mrs. James Laurentius, parents of Robert '16 and Margaret '13
Drs. Saumil and Sejal Mehta, parents of Shail '16
Mr. and Mrs. William M. O'Connor, parents of Rory '14
Dr. and Mrs. Hemant Patel, parents of Kush '15
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Soukenik, parents of Peter '16
Dr. and Mrs. Anthony L. Tocco, parents of Charles '12