Endowing the Future

Endow the Future
Establishing or contributing to an endowment fund at Rockhurst is a wonderful way to provide an ongoing source of income for the University. By endowing the future, you can invest in a personal interest that is close to your heart, and important to the lives Rockhurst touches.

Giving to Rockhurst
Talk to us about endowed giving, and how your interests mesh with the needs and vision of Rockhurst University. Take a step today to endow tomorrow.

Leave a Legacy
Perhaps one of the most compelling reasons for establishing an endowment is to create a personal and lasting legacy, something to perpetually remind family and friends of one’s values and commitments. Grandchildren, great-grandchildren and future generations will encounter their own heritage as they see and experience your gift at work. Through gifts of cash, stock, in-kind goods or services, or by including Rockhurst in estate plans, donors create a lasting legacy.

Honor a Loved One
A gift to Rockhurst is an opportunity to establish a memorial in honor of a loved one or friend. Memorials attest to the deep and enduring love or respect for an individual, placing the honored person in a place of prominence within the University. Memorials represent a timeless tribute to those special people in our lives.

Promote Teaching Excellence
For many graduates, faculty members represent the primary catalyst in their success as citizens, family members and working professionals. Alumni remember the encouragement, assistance and demands presented by their Rockhurst professors, and wish to ensure the continued development of outstanding faculty who will similarly challenge students to achieve their personal best.

Maximize Your Wealth
Gifts to Rockhurst can be astute business transactions that combine a current or future gift with present and lifetime income, possible tax advantages and the satisfaction of promoting continued educational excellence. Through the gift planning process, donors discover options from which they can choose the method best suited to their financial goals.

Endowment Opportunities
Rockhurst University recognizes the contributions of friends through permanent memorials. Naming opportunities include:

Opportunity Fund: Unrestricted Gifts
No gifts are of greater immediate service than those unrestricted in purpose. These funds can be channeled to areas where the needs are most pressing and timely. Naming an Opportunity Fund can carefully connect the donor’s identity to the ongoing strengthening of excellence in education at Rockhurst.

New Academic Building
Guided by the University's Strategic Plan and 20-Year Campus Master Plan, Rockhurst has announced plans to build a new academic building on campus. This new signature structure, to be located south of the bell tower, will allow for the relocation of classes currently held in 98-year-old Sedgwick Hall, and will hold nearly 50 percent of all undergraduate and graduate classes.

Campus buildings, offices and areas of devotion or recreation can be named by those who provide funds for construction, equipment, furnishings and maintenance. Many distinguished family names are perpetuated in bronze and stone in recognition of their generous assistance for providing the physical environment for Rockhurst to educate men and women. Current projects include the renovation of Sedgwick Hall and the construction of recreation and wellness facilities.

In this world of fast-paced technological advances, it is imperative Rockhurst students, faculty and staff have the means to stay current. Networking equipment, computer hardware and software, and personnel need constant attention and improvement as technology develops. Contributions to a technology fund can play a significant role in preparing our students to learn and compete in our technologically advanced society.

Student Life
A Rockhurst education goes beyond the classroom to student activities that prepare leaders dedicated to serve others. Programs, awards for achievement or personnel to assist students to mature in the Jesuit tradition of excellence can be named in honor of oneself or loved ones.

Service Immersion Trips & Study Abroad
Rockhurst offers students many opportunities to enhance their education through national and international service immersion trips and study abroad experiences. A named endowment would allow financially disadvantaged students the opportunity of a lifetime to study abroad or participate in service trips to third world countries.

Serving students, faculty, scholars and members of the community, Rockhurst’s Greenlease Library is an essential tool for learning, culture and research. Named library endowments can fund collection development through the acquisition of new books or periodicals. An endowment may also support electronic resource materials, such as online databases, and equipment.

Endowed scholarships are critical to the future of Rockhurst University. By providing the resources necessary to support students in need, those who show a desire to learn will have the opportunity. Named scholarship endowments provide financial assistance to students who meet criteria based on finances, field of study, grades, service or other criteria developed together with the donor.

Academic Programs
Endowment support for academic programs can have a significant impact on the quality of education and reputation of Rockhurst. Endowed funds may support specific areas of a major, to entire schools or colleges of Rockhurst.

The Honors Program
Rockhurst’s Honors Program exposes outstanding students to the most innovative courses and professors at Rockhurst through specially designed curriculum. An endowment fund would assist in providing challenging opportunities for these talented students.

The heart of education is found in great teaching, and Rockhurst is proud of its excellent faculty and high academic reputation. The establishment of endowed chairs and professorships, and funds for faculty development and research can help maintain and enhance our gifted faculty, strengthening the heart of education.

Visiting Scholar
The Visiting Scholar Lecture Series was established in 1955 to enrich the intellectual life of the University and to provide free public lectures for the Rockhurst and Kansas City community. The income from this endowment provides the honorarium to bring guests of national and international repute to campus each year to discuss timely and timeless subjects.

Philosophy Colloquium
A named endowment to provide for a philosophy colloquium would bring two prominent philosophers to campus each year. The philosophers would deliver their papers and participate in discussions with students and faculty.

Center for Teaching Excellence
The mission of the Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) is to help build successful learning environments through faculty support, development, growth and renewal. A CTE endowment would fund activities and services within the areas of teaching and learning, instructional technology and diversity, and support seminars, workshops and faculty who wish to present or publish work on the scholarship of teaching and learning.

In keeping with our cultural heritage and college tradition, Rockhurst offers a competitive intercollegiate athletic program, as well as intramural and club sports. An athletic endowment will provide ongoing support for these programs.

How to Establish an Endowment
There are several ways to launch an endowment. A major gift of cash or marketable assets would immediately create the fund, or arrangements could be made now and the launch date deferred until activated by your will. Endowment funds could be set up with a modest amount and increased at a later date. A portion of your estate could even be earmarked to eventually add to your fund. Other ways might involve a charitable gift annuity or a charitable trust.

Some donors combine several of these methods. A donor may establish an endowment now so they can watch it grow and enjoy the satisfaction of seeing students benefiting from their fund. They may add to it periodically and possibly encourage family members and friends to get involved. Through their estate plan, they may make provisions for a final, and often larger, contribution.

Gift Planning
There are many methods of giving that can increase the impact of your gift to Rockhurst. By taking advantage of tax benefits, financial planning, and arrangements for future gifts, you may be able to do more than you ordinarily could for yourself, your family and for Rockhurst.

With proper gift planning, almost anyone can make a gift to Rockhurst that will fulfill these or a variety of other personal philanthropic goals. If you would like to consider a perpetual gift, an endowed memorial may be established for a gift of $50,000 or more.