Ayok Monydit, ’10

Originally from the war torn country of Sudan, Ayok Monydit has lived in the United States with her parents and siblings for 10 years. In Sudanese, her name means “finding something” and finding her education at Rockhurst University is something this college freshman takes seriously.

“In parts of the world where there are no teachers or buildings for classrooms, children can only dream of attending school, but never actually step foot in one. Experience taught me to take school as if my every breath and the breath of my people depend on it.” Monydit’s passion for education inspired her career choice. “I’ve always wanted to be a teacher. When I was younger, I’d play school and teach my little brother. My high school psychology teacher showed me that teachers are also friends. Teaching is a career I’d be proud of.”

Monydit is majoring in secondary education and chemistry as she pursues a career as a chemistry professor. She chose Rockhurst because of its quiet environment, friendly atmosphere and emphasis on learning about oneself through courses such as theology to open students’ eyes to new points of view. “I feel at peace here. Rockhurst is like an island in the middle of a crowded city.”

In Rockhurst, Monydit found scholarship opportunities to fulfill her dreams. “Without financial aid, I would not have been able to attend Rockhurst. My family and I are so grateful to those who have given us so much. The chances I’ve been granted will not go to waste.”

Emphasizing that donors truly change the world one person at a time, Monydit believes that goodness travels. “People who give to Rockhurst are much appreciated. If they have it in their hearts to help me, I have it in my heart to succeed. I pray that someday I’ll also be able to give someone a brighter future.”

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