Jimmy Fantroy, ’09

For Jimmy Fantroy, a Rockhurst University scholarship means much more than books and tuition. It means the opportunity to develop character and learn his life's destiny. 

"Receiving a scholarship from Rockhurst is a great honor," Fantroy says. "I am proud because I am the first one in my biological family to attend college. With a Rockhurst scholarship, I start to break the chain of bad incidents in my life.” 

This sophomore psychology major has already set his sights on creating a program to help teenagers break down the cycle of abuse and neglect they were taught as foster children – a cause very dear to him.

"The education I am receiving from Rockhurst influences me to become a better person, not only in my personal life, but professionally as well. It teaches me to take initiative. Rockhurst has given me the education I need to work for the glory of God,” he says.   

Fantroy visited campus on a recommendation from his high school counselor and immediately knew it was the place for him. The family spirit and Jesuit mission of learning, leadership and service embodied, for him, the ideal University experience.

Fantroy is active in his fraternity and Voices for Justice, and served as an orientation leader. 

"In order to lead, we must be able to serve. Rockhurst has taught me to become an instrument of God and led me to continue my calling of being his steward," he says.

According to Fantroy, alumni, parents and friends who donate to Rockhurst University help students succeed by relieving some of the financial stress placed on them and their families. 

"Students who receive scholarships ultimately reveal themselves through the fruits of their labor if given the chance," Fantroy says.

Rockhurst gives students like Fantroy and many others this chance.  

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