Tamara Dancheva, ’08

Tamara Dancheva counts her blessings each time she sets foot on the Rockhurst University campus. These blessings include the generous donors who make her Rockhurst experience possible. “Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I could go to a college in America, much less a private, highly ranked university like Rockhurst. Coming from a developing country like Bulgaria, obtaining a bachelor’s degree in the United States seems quite impossible, mainly because education and life here are much more expensive than back home.”

Dancheva dreamed of attending school in the United States because of its numerous professional growth and employment opportunities; however, receiving a Rockhurst scholarship was the only way to fulfill her dream and acquire the education she desired. “I will never forget my first day at Rockhurst.  I was scared, confused and uncertain, yet I felt so much at ease and so close to home once I saw the warmth and welcoming spirit of the Rockhurst community.”

Being at Rockhurst teaches me discipline and gives me motivation and a new appreciation for the world around me, says Dancheva. As a junior studying international business, she has already set her sights on a Rockhurst University MBA and working for an international organization such as the European Union or United Nations. “Being at Rockhurst helps me realize that getting an education is much more than simply attending classes and taking exams. It’s learning to be responsible and self-sufficient while pursuing what one really wants in life.”

According to Dancheva, gifts to Rockhurst University benefit not only students but whole communities because successful and progressive societies are built by intelligent, well-developed people. “Giving to Rockhurst is essential for helping young people like me develop and grow as individuals and professionals. Often one has the potential but not the mean. The  people who graciously gave me the means have blessed my life and in turn I hope to bless the lives of many others.”

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