Laura Bryon, ’07

Laura Bryon admits that her journey to Rockhurst University was unimaginable until a scholarship opened a new set of dreams and offered her the opportunity of a lifetime. Four years later, Bryon graduated in psychology, theology and nonprofit leadership studies, giving her the knowledge to secure a career and the life experiences to guide success. 

"Education is the greatest gift anyone has given me," says Bryon. "Attending Rockhurst has been a blessing, putting my most heartfelt dreams into reach."

For Bryon, wonderful people, personal attention and community spirit are Rockhurst's best features. By organizing a poverty simulation through Voices for Justice, volunteering for Ronald McDonald House Charities and interning with the Kansas City Zoo, Bryon credits Rockhurst's diverse opportunities with empowering her to grow socially and professionally. 

"I could list a hundred ways that Rockhurst influenced my life and encouraged me to explore," Byron says.

According to Bryon, receiving a scholarship is both an honor and a duty. 

"I have a responsibility to succeed in the classroom and an obligation to give back to my community, both as a student and once I graduate," she says. "My parents' lives are also forever changed by the generosity granted to their daughter."

Bryon has gone on to pursue a career in the nonprofit sector, never forgetting the generous people who made her Rockhurst experience possible. 

"Words are not enough for this thank you," Byron says. "My actions in the community, my efforts to excel in school and my personal relationships are reflective of my gratitude."

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