Senior Class Gift

It is tradition at Rockhurst that every year the senior class makes a gift that supports the Rockhurst Fund. What better way is there for us to show our appreciation and love for our alma mater than contributing to a gift that will benefit future students? Your gift can go to benefit any number of things including Greek life, athletics, and residence life. We hope you consider joining us in making a gift from your heart to the heart of RU.

The goal of the Class of 2014 is for every senior to make a gift, it doesn't matter if it is $1 or $20.14 in honor of our graduating class, as long as it comes from your heart. Join our classmates listed in the Honor Roll and make a gift today. Help us leave a legacy!

Student Giving Committee Seniors

Emily Mazzoni, '14
Tess Sundhausen, '14
Molly Sova, '14
Kayla Loosen, '14
Lisa Weeden, '14
Clare Pickel, '14
Libby Karcher, '14

2014 Senior Class Gift Honor Roll

Grace Bornhoft
Madeline Burkemper
Claire Burns
Kelsey Carver
Morgan Dahm
Nicole Dalton
Terray Doakes
Danny Duggan
Hilary Fields
Andrew Garcia
Megan Hahn
Paul Harned
Paul Hess
Clifton Holmes
Ami Keating
Lindsey Kren
Ethan Kuster
Megan Hahn
Paul Harned
Margaret Herr
Paul Hess
Melissa Hopfinger
Lindsey Kren
Kyle Larm
Kayla Loosen
Morgan Mapes
Ryan Marian
Emily Mazzoni
Kaylin McNamara
Trindad Molina
LaToya Nelson
Casey O'Flaherty
Olivia Oldenbuttel
Clare Pickel
Mary Katherine Phillips
Kayla Polette
Ryan Marian
Kaylin McNamara
Amanda Saladin
Molly Sova
Colleen Smyth
Leandra Stuckey
Tess Sundhausen
Josh Tols
Kristine Vainovska
Emily Waibel
Caitlin Yeargain