VOICES for Justice

Voicing Our Ideas Can Ease Suffering (VOICES) for Justice is a student-led social justice organization. It was first established in 2001 as a group of students who protested at the annual School of the Americas peace rally and protest in Columbus, GA. The organization meets weekly to raise awareness about social justice issues in our local and global communities including Immigration, Human Trafficking, Healthcare, Unemployment, Hunger, Poverty, and Homelessness.  Each month raises awareness of a new issue, following a schedule of education, action, and reflection.  These weeks include speakers, presentations, service opportunities, action training, and group reflections.  VOICES for Justice also works to bring social justice to Rockhurst by sponsoring campus-wide events and acting as a member of the greater Jesuit community through the Ignatian Solidarity Network.  VOICES for Justice works for social justice through inspiration and action (faith and works) from religious documents, education, solidarity, and empowerment for all people.
Voices for Justice Constitution (PDF)
Advisor Form (PDF)

Meeting Time and Location:
Thursdays at 9pm in the Finucane Jesuit Center 

Mary Schletzbaum

Bill Kriege

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