The Student Athletic Advisory Council (SAAC) evaluates the Athletics Program and make recommendations to Administration for the improvement of the student-athlete’s academic, athletic and social experiences.

Encourage unity, common purpose, and camaraderie between athletic teams, athletic trainers, the cheerleading squad, the dance team and among all athletes in the program.

Serve as a vehicle through which Rockhurst University Athletic Department may discuss with student-athletes issues regarding the management, operation, and rules that govern the Athletics Department and its sports teams, and to enhance the public relations of Rockhurst athletes and athletic administration.

To actively encourage more involvement of the student-athletes in campus and community projects.


SAAC Constitution (PDF) SAAC Constitution
SAAC Advisor

Meeting Time and Location:

Allie Andrews

Cheryl McConnell

National Affiliation:
Rockhurst Athletic Department

Great Lakes Valley Conference
201 S. Capitol Avenue Pan Am Plaza, Suite 560
Indianapolis, IN 46225